Improving Health Through Strength Training – GZCLP Beginner Reference

GZCL Method

Download First: Clank App (Select GZCLP Program) GZCLP 3- and 4- day spreadsheet by Blacknoir Read First:  GZCLP a linear progression program specifically designed for beginner lifters GZCL Method GZCL Applications & Adaptations Download both the Clank ios App & GZCLP spreadsheet, briefly go through both app & spreadsheet. Read the above explanation & discussion … Keep reading

My Preferred Convoy S2+ Setup & Best Rechargeable Battery Charger with Analyzer – LiitoKala Lii-500

Colors S2+

Convoy is a small Chinese flashlight manufacturer, which produces a range of budget flashlights that are very popular with flashlight enthusiasts, in particular, the huge selling Convoy S2+. Why Convoy S2+? The flashlight falls into the category of everyday carry but has the ability to perform many other tasks. Its popularity is mainly due to … Keep reading

The Healthiest Cat Snacks


Why are cat snacks necessary? Cats love to eat cat snacks as they are a tasty get-away from their regular food. Apart from fulfilling the cravings of your cat, they can also serve certain other purposes. The cat snacks can be used as a positive reinforcement while training your cat. You can provide your cat … Keep reading

Comparison of Open Electricity Retailers: OHM vs Geneco vs Best Electricity vs Tuas Power vs iSwitch

OHM vs Geneco

I have switched to OHM fixed plan. Referral Discount Code: OHMREFE31549 This will give you a $20 credit to offset your electricity bills if you are a new Ohm customer. Comparison of Open Electricity Retailers(Source: (Visit his blog for Tuas Power referral discount code, if you choose Tuas Power) OHM Smooth transition as they are partners … Keep reading