Top 4 Best Espresso Machines under $1000 – Reviews

Best-rated Espresso Machines under $1000

Are you an addict of coffee and looking for an espresso machine?

Then this article best suits you.

Coffee is an energizer to many and for those who extremely love coffee; texture, aroma, and taste is a major thing they consider.

This is why you might want to own an espresso machine to make yourself a delicious type of coffee.


#4 Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Here comes a dual-boiler espresso machine that is undoubtedly the gold standard for home or commercial equipment.

These come with a good design as it allows the machines to maintain the required temperature for repeatedly brewing coffee as well as creating steam and you can be sure that your cream will not disappear.

The gadget is made with programmable options and has control valves that monitor extraction pressure. They are the two major things home-based espresso machines lack.

Having such a quality espresso machine at home could save you a lot of money and time instead of buying beverages at coffee shops.

The Breville Barista Espresso machine won the SCAA Best New Product Award 2013 for the Coffee or Tea Preparation and Serving Equipment that was held in Boston in April 2013.

You can be sure that getting this Espresso machine will meet your requirements and will not disappoint you.

You do not need to use a manual as the machine is easy to use and brings out the very best of your coffee beans. When you want to grind the coffee beans, you can use the grinding settings of your choice between the fine coarse of 1-16.

You can also adjust the amount of fresh grounds that goes into the filter basket and have it filtered on a single on a double wall.

When you are deciding on how much espresso you want, you can chose between one and two volumes. However, you can personally adjust the settings and choose the amount you want for yourself.

For quality products, the machine has four filters fitted in. This machine has another great feature, which is the Proportional-Integral-derivative (PID) which has a function to controls temperature.

This design is quite vital for those who would love to make consistent shots.

If you would like to steam your coffee with milk steam, you can be sure that it will produce well-textured milk easily and quickly. This is possible as the steam wand is mounted on a 360-degree swivel joint.

The devices has a thermocoil heating system that controls the water temperature and watches you machines level of pressure.

If you need frothy milk on top of your drink, you can use the steam wand mounted on it. The machine is easy to clean as it has a removable drip tray and comes with an additional cleaning kit.


  • An in built Proportional- Integral- derivative (PID)
  • Adjustable in-built grinder.
  • A 360-dregree steaming wand that easy to use and clean.
  • Produces quality beverages
  • You can easily contact their customers help desk
  • Has a milk pitcher
  • A one year warranty option
  • Comes with a stainless steel conical shaped grinder, ½ pound sealed bean hopper and a 54mm tamper.


  • No machine is perfect
  • The user manual is very detailed so you are required to be very keen while following the instructions.

Final thought

With this features and designs, you can trust that the device will meet your requirements and has a pocket friendly price.

The device is fully compacted and the only thing you will want to buy is espresso beans. Most amazing thing is that it is easy to use and after using it two to three times, you will have the process down in your fingertips.


#3 Rancilio HSD-SILVIA Espresso Machine

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

The Rancilio HSD-SILVIA is quality espresso machines that brings out the best out of your coffee beans. It is one of the most recognised semi-automatic espresso machines.

It is doing well in the market and you can trust that it will not disappoint.  The machine is known for being of high quality, durability and long lasting.

It has a stainless steel side panels and a strong linear body made of iron frame. Many clients prefer this machine than others as it is built to a quite a good quality and most amazing it has the largest capacity just on a single boiler.

The machine has also a well-designed steam knob with an articulating steam wand that allows full motion to steam milk for a perfect taste.

It also has two filter baskets for single and double shots. This machine come with all the accessories you need to make your espresso.

Many appreciate that the machine heat faster hence they do not need to wait for long to get their drink. Many have also praised the devices steaming power as it produces delicious quality espresso.

Most parts of this machine need to be clean regularly to ensure it functions well throughout.


  • The machine is of high quality and durable.
  • Does not only serve home purposes but also has some commercial components.
  • Has an excellent steaming power.
  • It is fitted with a two-filter basket for both single and double shots.
  • Easy to use and does not require a manual to operate.
  • Has three buttons for brew, hot water and steam.
  • You can easily remove heating elements.
  • Has a reasonable price tag.
  • Two years warranty options.


  • Has an addition cost of buying a grinder.
  • Be ready for a mess.

Final thought

If you have plans of buying an espresso machine, Rancilio HSD-SILVIA is highly recommended for you.  Your friends will definitely want to join you in buying this device.

The gadget has also a reasonable price whether you are working or not and delivers great tasting espresso that you will definitely enjoy. The machine has been made available anytime and anywhere globally.


#2 Gaggia 1401 Classic Espresso Machine

Gaggia 1401 classic Espresso Machine is a product of Italy and named by Consumer Digest in its 2011 edition as their best home espresso machine.

The machine has a combination of advantage and is built with advance technology to give out its full potentential. The machine is designed for both home and commercial qualities.

These commercial qualities include, a stainless steel body, high powered bar pump, a high voltage pump along with an independent expansion valve.

The valve is also fitted with a 3-way solenoid to provide instant pressure release. Gaggia 1401 Classic Espresso Machine is designed in a way that it can make two cups of espresso at once.

For those who love steaming their espresso with milk steam, it has a frothy wand to cream your espresso. The machine will help you make a variety of coffee types whether it is just for you or your friends.

The machine has a hot water dispenser and a warmer just in case you want your drink hot or warm.

This device has many settings including an option whether you want hot or cold froth in your espresso. The machine has a removable water reservoir for the purpose of cleaning and filling.

Most consumers find it very satisfying as it has a single and double shot fitted with a two-filter basket.

If you love coffee and hate, the fact of fussing with filling and tamping the grounds then this is the best machine for you. It is just a one-button press to make your drink.

Many say there is true magic owning this powerful little machine at home rather than weirdly waiting to be served at a coffee stand.

There are many things to fall in love with this Gaggia 1401 classic Espresso Machine.


  • Has the best quality.
  • Affordable price.
  • Has commercial quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • 58mm commercial portafilter.
  • Flexibility of using coffee grounds or pods.
  • Has a stainless steel.
  • One-year warranty period.


  • Has an additional cost of buying a good grinder.
  • Has a non-articulating steam wand.

Final thought

Despite the machine not being fully compacted, you do not have to worry, as the device is much preferable to many.

From an economic view, you will learn that the gadget will bring you more good than harm. Many say that it is more effective, unlike other machines.


#1 De’Longhi Ec155M 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Are you looking for the best Espresso Machine at an affordable price? Here comes the best-rated machine to quencher your thirst.

This semi-Automatic Espresso machine has a compact design and it is compatible to use ESE pods or coffee grounds.

This makes the machine to be well known for producing excellent crema in comparison to its counterparts. In addition, it has a swivel jet to spray your Espresso with a creamy froth.

The frothing wand is only a quarter an inches so you have to use a frothing cup with similar height or less.

The machine is built with quality and good solid to make it durable.
However, its casing is made of plastic to make it lighter.

This is quite a big opposite, unlike the others. Its boiler is made of stainless steel that ensures you enjoy the full potential of the machine for many years.

The machine is known to produce good shots with any coffee grounds using less cream to achieve more foam when frothing milk.

Many are pleased that the machine is easy to clean and use, as most of its parts are removable.


  • Known to produce quality espresso than most of its counterpart’s machines.
  • It is compatible with ESE pods or coffee grounds.
  • Has a high voltage boiler to heat up water fast.
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • One-year warranty option.


  • An inbuilt tamper is not that recommended.
  • Has some durability issues.

Final thought

Getting the De’Longhi EC155M Espresso machine is an ideal option for you in case you are a coffee addict.

The machine will save you a lot when it comes to money and time, as you will not have to keep on going to the coffee stands around.


How to maintain your Espresso machine.

Cleaning an espresso machine might be the hardest thing to do. Every machine has its own way of maintenance. Here are some basic tips on how to clean your machine.

  • Clean the inside of your machine regularly by running water through it each time after using it. This will help you avoid germs and dust particles that may accumulate. You might as well be required to wipe the outer part regularly before and after using it. If you feel like water is not enough for you to clean it, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean your device.
  • Cleaning the steam wand and grinder may be of an extra value to your machine. Remember to clean it before and after.
  • If there is any removable part in your device, you can disassemble it and clean it thoroughly. It is good, if, you dip them in your dishwasher if you have one or put them in the sink for a good soap and water scrub. Cleaning these parts regularly will be best for your machine.
  • Finally, follow the machine’s manual. You can also use special espresso machine cleaners.


Espresso machines do not only make delicious coffee but save you the headache of going to the nearest coffee shop to get a cup of this drink.

If you have plans to buy these machines, you do not only have to look for a convenience- centered home-based machine but also have to improve your barista skills.

There are three main kinds of espresso machines; a pod or capsule machine, pump espresso machine or bead to cup machine.

A pod maker involves popping a pre-packaged capsule or pod into the maker and from this, it gets its name.

Pump espresso machines on the other hand, use the thermostatically controlled boiler that boils the water to its required temperature for coffee, which ranges from 85° C and 92° C. It will then be required to go through optimum temperature for coffee at the needed pressure.

In addition to this, it also allows you to steam milk too.

For the bean-to-cup option, it is a pump espresso machine with an inbuilt grinder.
In other words, it grids the coffee beans and then runs boiled water through them. You can be sure that, if you own one of these types, they will meet your requirements and with time, you will learn to use them.

When you need to purchase an espresso machine, do not just go for it because it is functioning.

You will need to take a number of things into consideration.

You need to look at the mechanism it uses to make coffee. You will also be required to look at the capacity of coffee it can make. There is no one who loves irritating noise; you might as well need to look at the noise production.

Some electric appliances are fond of producing irritating noise that can really be distracting.

The size and weight of the gadget may also be an essential thing that you have to look at in case you will need to carry your device somewhere else.

Finally, the capability to conserve energy. A good device is that that will save you a lot in terms of the electric bill.

A good quality home-based espresso machine can make gourmet coffee and bring out the full potential of coffee beans. These machines are opted for because they produce highly concentrated, rich and dark brews.


Most espresso machines do not come with everything you need. You might find yourself buying a bunch of appliances to make it complete to make your coffee.

That is why this article guides you on the tips to purchase a good espresso machine.

Buying pods might be very expensive and that is why it is advisable to buy a quality machine. You might as well want to consider buying a machine that saves you a lot in terms of the electric bill.

Some devices are fond of consuming a high voltage of electricity.
A good coffee maker will make you quality brew throughout.

You can trust that these devices are the best coffee maker you can get for yourself.