Best Wireless Invisible Electric Dog Fence

If you love your dog then getting an invisible electric dog fence might be the first thing on your mind.

The invisible electric dog fence is an electronic system that will keep your dog within the boundaries of your house.

This system doesn’t require any sort of physical barrier and it works just by providing your dog with a mild jerk.

The idea of giving your dog a sudden jerk might seem worrisome, but the pros of having an electric dog fence outweigh its cons so I would strongly suggest you guys to get it for your dogs.

Giving them the freedom to roam the yard, without you having to worry about them getting lost, but more importantly, knowing they will not dare to chase the neighborhood cats, dogs or neighbors.

Top Eight Best Electric Invisible Dog Fences

I have carefully made the research and selected these top eight best electric invisible dog fences for your dog:

8. Underground Fence – PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar with 2 Free Batteries

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If you are searching for a lightweight electric dog fence then this underground fence by PetSafe is suitable protective wear for your dogs.

It not only protects your dog outdoors but it also works perfectly to protect your dog inside the house due to its compatibility with Indoor Pet Barrier Transmitter.

This electric dog fence is highly compatible with all types of in-ground fences.

It comes with two batteries and long and short probes.

You can adjust the static at four different frequencies.

Just with the push of a single button, you can turn on the tone with vibration option.

The collar has been created from pure nylon that keeps your dog comfortable throughout the day.

Once you put this on your dog, you will also get alerts with a single beep if your dog tries to escape the boundary outside your house.


7. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems

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This PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System has specifically been designed to keep your pet safe and within the boundaries of your house.

It is quite easy to install and you don’t have to carve out any boundaries or dig up any of the fences.

The most amazing aspect of this wireless electric dog fence is that it works perfectly fine even during the rainy season.

The collar that comes with this system is totally water-proof so it won’t incur any harm on your dog.

The collar also comes with a low-battery indicator so you would get notified if the system’s battery is low.

It can easily be installed within one to two hours and you can even take it with you if move house or go on a camping trip.


6. Wireless Dog Fence System Outdoor Invisible Fence for Dogs Containment System KD991

This wireless dog fence system is the most advanced version as it has been designed to customize the wireless boundary in the shape of radial.

The boundary could be adjusted in radius from 1 to 500 feet.

Upon installation, this dog fence will create an invisible boundary that will keep your dog within the boundaries of your house.

I personally found this invisible fence to be quite effective and advanced., however; you need to keep certain things in your mind while installing this dog fence.

You need to install the transmitter of this dog fence from the distance of 1.6 meters from the ground.

You must also keep in mind to not put install it near any metal wall otherwise the metal will interfere with the signals of the transmitter.

The most interesting aspect of this dog fence is that it is quite easy to use.

All you need to do is to turn on the transmitter and then you must turn on the collar receiver.

When you will turn on the collar receiver, it will connect with the transmitter so you can easily use it.

Another amazing aspect of this dog fence is that the pet collar will start beeping if your dog goes outside the boundary.

It is 100% waterproof and can easily be recharged.

The collar can be extended from 6 inches to 26 inches size.


5. CEVENE Electric Dog Fence, Underground Invisible Fence for Dogs

This one has been recommended to me by many people.

CEVENE has recently been introducing some amazing pet gadgets into the market and this electric dog fence is one of those.

Once you try this, you are going to find it truly outstanding.

The greatest benefit of this dog fence is that it comes with a customized boundary range.

So if you have a house with a large open area then this dog fence will be extremely suitable for you as its coverage can be expanded up to 650 feet.

If you want to get further coverage then you can also do it by getting some extra wires.

It provides effective training to your dog as it not only gives a loud a beep but also a bearable shock to your dog once it approaches the prohibited area.

It comes with a high quality, water-proof receiver that is not only rechargeable but also fits around the neck of the dog of every size.


4. YHPOYLP 100% Wireless Dog Fence System Outdoor Invisible Pet Containment System

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I personally experienced that even though wireless dog fence systems are considered a taboo due to the shock they provide to your dog still they are indeed the most effective form of dog containment.

With the traditional dog fencing, you need to dig up the entire garden surrounding your house but with wireless dog fences, all you need to do is to install the system and you are ready to go.

This wireless dog fence system has been introduced by YHPOYLP and I find it to be quite effective due to its ease of installation and the level of coverage it provides.

After getting this wireless dog containment system, you don’t need to dig any sort of pits in your ground.

With its 433Mhz technology, this system connects with your dog’s collar without any sort of wires.

It covers 1600ft of radius surrounding your house so if your dog goes outside the boundaries then it will instantly alert you.

It is suitable for all types of dogs so whether you have a small dog or a large dog, the receiver collar will easily fit around its neck.


3. PetSafe Free to Roam Wireless Dog and Cat Containment Fence

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Some of the wireless dog fences don’t work accurately when you are providing training to your dog.

This PetSafe Free to Roam Wireless dog fence is totally different from the other dog fences as it comes with the option of an adjustable boundary.

All you need to do is to install this dog fence, connect it with the receiver collar of your dog and you can easily adjust the boundary coverage if required by the circumstances.

It is highly portable which means that you can also take it with you whenever you are going camping or going for holidays to another place.

It is easy to install and works perfectly in every type of weather due to its waterproof nature.


2. AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS, Outdoor Invisible Pet Containment System

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This dog fence system by AngelaKerry is quite unique as it comes with quite advanced features.

I found it to be the most reliable dog fence system as it comes with GPS location technique which will provide you accurate stats about your dog’s location.

Another astounding aspect of this dog fence is that it can cover up to 800 meters area around your house and provides alert when your dog reaches 5 meters within the prohibited area.

This wireless dog fence is totally different from the traditional wireless dog fences because they get disturbed due to the presence of metal shields in the vicinity of the house.

However, this wireless dog fence runs with the help of GPS which doesn’t get affected by metal objects.


1. Depps Wireless Dog Containment System

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I have put this wireless dog containment system at the one number because it is also one of my favorites.
For GPS, I recommend AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS.

For starters, it comes with upgraded 433MHZ Wireless Technology.

The most amazing aspect of this wireless dog fence is that it offers the coverage for 1000 ft radius.

So whether you have a small dog or large size hunting dog, there is no need to confine them to your home.

Just get this invisible wireless dog fence and let your dog explore nature while remaining in your sight.

This dog containment system is also quite safe for your dog as it mentally prepares your dog for slight to strong shock.

If your dog crosses the prohibited boundaries then it will give off a strong beep.

If the dog doesn’t turn back at the beep then it will be provided with slight shock.

Your dog will only get a strong shock if it stubbornly crosses the boundaries and doesn’t react to the slight shock.

Apart from carrying numerous benefits, this dog fence is water-proof and its receiver collar easily fits around the neck of dogs weighing more than 10 lbs.

With a Lifetime guarantee of this wireless pet containment system & money back guarantee. I highly recommend you to give this a try.


Why you should get an invisible electric dog fence?

You can definitely opt for other types of dog fences but then you will also encounter various issues.

The other type of fences, includes building a wall-type fence surrounding your house, putting chains around your house or putting barbed wired around your house.

If you opt for building a wall-type fence then it will not only distort your house’s external beauty, but it will also block the amazing view that you enjoy from your bedroom windows.

If you go for the chain fence then it is not reliable as dogs could easily slither through them. And I would definitely not suggest the barbed-wire fence because it is dangerous for both animals and humans.

Your dog could accidentally hurt itself while trying to pass through the barbed wires or any human being could get hurt.

So getting an invisible electric dog fence is much better than all of the other types of dog fences.


Pros and Cons of invisible electric Dog Fence

There are various things you should ponder over in your mind before getting an invisible electric dog fence especially the benefits and drawbacks of getting an invisible electric dog fence.


  • The greatest benefit of getting an invisible electric dog fence is that it is considerably affordable than other types of dog fences.

When we think about “wireless invisible electric dog fence” the first thing that comes to mind is that it might be extremely expensive.

If you compare the market price of an invisible electric dog fence with other types of dog fences then you will definitely find it a bit higher.

However, if you include the cost of supporting material and installation costs in the estimate then you will get to know that it is significantly cheaper than other types of dog fences.

  • It is quite easy to install as all you need to do is to plug it in and it is ready to operate. Also, it takes lesser time to install in comparison to other types of fences.
  • It doesn’t damage your property or obstructs the surrounding view of your house.

It is perfect for you if you are highly possessive of the beauty of the green area surrounding your house because you don’t have to remove plants or bushes in order to install this dog fence.

  • It is highly portable as you can easily take it anywhere with you.

If you love to go camping then all you need to do is to pack it with your rest of the gear and re-install it near your camping area so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your dog in the wild.

  • It offers complete freedom to your dog to roam around inside the distance of 25 acres surrounding your house.
  • You can easily install this dog fence on even the most difficult and uneven surfaces.
  • It is the most effective form of keeping your dog safe because if you install the other types of fences then your dog can most certainly elope through them.



Where there are various benefits of the wireless invisible electric dog fence, there are also some drawbacks of this product.

  • The wireless invisible electric system won’t work for you if you have a lot of trees, hills or huge rocks around your house.

The issue with an electric fence is that its detectors work in a straight line so if you live in an area with uneven surroundings then I would strongly recommend you to go for some other type of dog fence.

  • Most of the electric invisible dog fences are coming with circular boundaries so you must keep this in mind before getting an electric invisible dog fence.
  • Some of the electric invisible dog fences give a strong electric jerk to your dog that can frighten your dog so if you go shopping for the electric invisible dog fences then do keep in mind to select the one that gives a mild jerk.
  • If you go for the high-quality dog fences then you will find that their jerks are not irritating in comparison to the jerks given by the low-quality electric dog fences.


I have a special love for dogs due to which I know a lot about their needs, demands and things that are suitable for them.

I have three Labradors at home and trust me taking care of all three is not a child’s play.

So when I was trying to train them to stay within the boundaries of my house, I tried different types of electric dog fences and finally decided upon the wireless electric dog fences as not only they are hassle-free but they are also highly portable.

However, I again faced the issue while selecting the one that is suitable for my dogs.

I tried a few and settled upon the one that was highly effective and less painful for my dogs.

However, I must tell you that every dog reacts differently to different types of electric invisible dog fences so you must go for the one that fulfills the basic requirements of your dog.

How to make the best choice?

Even though I have compiled this list after practically using different types of dog containment systems so this list will help you a lot while making the selection.

However, there are certain things that you will keep in mind while selecting the best wireless electric dog fence for your little buddy.

  • You must keep the height and weight of your dog in mind and then search for the dog containment systems that offer expandable dog collars.

This is a very important aspect because if you have a huge dog then every collar might not fit around its neck.

  • You must also consider the surrounding area of your house.

Please keep this in mind that if your house has uneven land in the vicinity then wireless electric dog fence will not be of any benefit to you.

  • You must go for the water-proof dog containment system because it is nearly impossible to keep your dog out of the water during the summers so if the system is not water-proof then you will soon have to get a new one.
  • You must also consider the range that is offered by the wireless dog containment system that you are thinking about buying.

Most of the wireless electric dog fences don’t offer extensive coverage so I would suggest you to go for the one that does offer wide coverage.


Last but not least, I would suggest you to go for the one that is not only suitable for your dog but also least harmful for it.

Always remember that getting an electric shock is not a joke so you must better go for the wireless electric system that offers the least painful electric shock.