How to Repair a Mosquito Bat

mosquito bat

Repair a Mosquito Bat Honestly, nobody in the world likes mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are nasty bloodsuckers capable of bringing ruin to any outdoor event when they come around. They have been in existence for some time now and different ways of dealing with them have been invented.  These tiny vampires keep growing in population despite the … Keep reading

How to Repair Your Skate Shoes, Sneakers, Worn Shoes or Boots? Quick Fix with Shoe Goo

Repair sneakers

How to Repair your Skate shoes, Sneakers, Worn Shoes or Boots?  Skate shoes aren’t cheap and that’s a fact. In addition, they wear out really fast, with all the skateboarding abuse. That is why they are worth taking care of. Especially if you are a professional skateboarder, or just skate very often out of a … Keep reading