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Circles.Life is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO) in Singapore riding on M1’s network infrastructure.

Circles.Life from the start, branded itself as a Telco listening to consumers, they allow you to customize your Mobile Plan based on your personal needs, such as $3 Unlimited Data on Demand.

Some of the Pros

  • You are fully in control of your plan on the app.

I do everything via the Circles Care app on my phone, such as buying extra data when I need it or check on my bill. There is no actual need to login to their website.

  • Simple Billing Cycle every 1st of the month

If you sign up in the middle of the month, they will prorate you to the start of the new month.
This is so much better, more convenient to remember that in the new month you have new data!

  • Cheap Prices for lots of data

Circles Life Base Plans

Addon Options for Base Plans (4G Data)

  • 1 GB for $6
  • 20 GB for $20

  • 100 min for $4
  • 100 SMSes for $4
  • $2 for Unlimited Incoming calls
  • $16 for Unlimited Outgoing calls
  • $3 Unlimited Data on Demand

$3 Unlimited Data Per Day

$3 Unlimited Data Per Day for NetFlix



Plan Services Add ons  (Base Plans)
Circles.Life Base Plan

$28/month + $38 sign-up fee

4GB data (+2GB if you port in)

100 min talktime (incoming + outgoing)

Unlimited WhatsApp

20GB data ($20/month)

Unlimited data ($3/day)

Unlimited incoming calls ($2/month)

Unlimited outgoing calls ($16/month)




Circles Life Free Plan

Even a Free plan!

Maybe not so free, there is a one time fee of $4, to deliver your SIM card to your place.

Best of all, no worries about overpaying, as it will auto cut off your data once you have exceeded 1GB.
You can topup through the app, should you need more data or talktime.

All the benefits above are completely free with no strings attached, but they are a pretty small offering.

Plan Services Add-ons  (Flexi Plan)
Circles.Life Flexi Plan


1GB data

30 min talktime (incoming + outgoing)

10 SMS

1GB data ($8/month)

2GB data ($12/month)

30 min talktime ($5/month)

If there is a catch, it’s a reasonable one. makes money through the top-ups.

Add 1GB for $8.
Add 2GB for $12.
Add 30 minutes & 10 SMS for $5.

With its new $0/month plan, Circles Life wins hands down when it comes to price.

No, it’s not a typo. The plan is really free.

Though you only get 1GB of data and 30 min of talktime.
But it might be sufficient for people with very low usage (such as like kids or the elderly).

It’s likely you’ll want to add on data, and the good news is that even with add-ons it isn’t too pricey.

The Flexi plan could be perfect for a standby phone for a duty counter, or if you just need a second line for work or leisure purposes.


If you need more data, or something close to a traditional plan.

There is always the very reasonable yet affordable $28 6GB Base Plan with 100 min talktime, and the 20GB for $20 Data Plus options.

Note that you’ll have to pay a registration fee of $38 for a Base Plan, but you can get a $20 discount with this code MVCVF.


Maintain the Flexi plan line

Although Circles.Life advertises this plan “Flexi Plan” as an S$0 plan, your line could be suspended if it is “underutilized”.

According to Circles.Life, consumers can keep it at $0 per month as long as they use it as a primary number. It then added that proof was a requirement, and it can be obtained when consumers port over an existing mobile number or when they are given one-time passwords for online banking and shopping via the line.

circles life underutilised

In order to maintain the line, you probably need to utilize your mobile data at least once every 3 months.

A free SIM card, free 1GB of mobile data, 30 minutes’ talk time and 10 SMS every month.

But, no roaming & IDD.

You can only use it locally, and you can’t purchase these services either.

How do I roam with Circles.Life?
Roaming is only available on the $28 /mo Base Plan and $65 /mo +Phone Plan.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with the following IDs.

  • NRIC
  • 11B
  • Employment Pass
  • S-Pass
  • Work Permit
  • Dependant Pass
  • Student Pass

You can upgrade to the $28 Base Plan anytime, do use this Code MVCVF for $20 discount.


Circles Life’s  Mobile Terms & Conditions

VII. Flexi Plan

“Flexi Plan (“Plan) is a SIM only post-paid mobile subscription plan offered by Circles.Life. The Plan is priced at $0 per calendar month (“Bill Cycle”). Users subscribed to the Plan (“Flexi Users”) will get:

  1. one (1) GB of mobile data;
  2. talktime of thirty (30) minutes;
  3. ten (10) outbound SMS to Singaporean numbers.

Additional Usage
Flexi Users can purchase Boost from the CirclesCare mobile application (“App”) anytime during a Bill Cycle. Boosts will expire at the end of a Bill Cycle and any unused balance will also expire with the Bill Cycle.

There are three (3) types of Boosts (“Flexi Boosts”) available in the Plan:

  1. One (1) GB at $8;
  2. Two (2) GB at $12;
  3. Thirty (30) minutes talktime and ten (10) SMS at $5.

Plan Change
Flexi Users can upgrade to Circles.Life Base Plan of $28 per month (“Base Plan”) anytime through the App. Any balance remaining in the Flexi Boost will be available in the upgraded plan. Any Base Plan user will not have the option to change to Flexi Plan.

Flexi Users will not have access to these services:

  1. IDD calling and SMS services;
  2. change of assigned mobile number;
  3. pay as you go service;
  4. number suspension.

Flexi Plan can be purchased only once against a NRIC.

Talktime will be applicable to outbound voice calls to only Singaporean numbers. Any inbound voice calls will also be consumed from the allocated talktime, either as part of the Plan or as part of Flexi Boosts.

Flexi Users will not have access to Unlimited WhatsApp.

Only two (2) iMessage or FaceTime activations will be possible in a Bill Cycle. For additional activations, Flexi Users will need to wait for the following Bill Cycle.

Circles.Life reserves the right to suspend a Flexi User account which it deems inactive for an extended period of time.”