How to Clean Mitsubishi Star Mex Aircon Blower

Basic Cleaning of Mitsubishi Star Mex aircon
Open the cover, remove both the green mesh filter for cleaning, you can use mild soap or just rinse it with water.

Next, the bottom panels, click the two locks to the right to move the panel.
There are two panels, followed by pulling out both black plastic vanes.
You can then, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the dust and wipe it off with a damp cloth.
That is all for basic cleaning of Mitsubishi Star Mex aircon.

For more in-depth cleaning, you have to remove more parts and clean the blower.
Dirt accumulates in the drain tray and the dirty blower is usually the cause of smelly aircon.


How to clean Mitsubishi Star Mex aircon blower

Cleaning of Mitsubishi Star Mex aircon blower
There are two screw caps on the right and left, remove them and unscrew both screws to open the entire air conditioner cover.
Slowly, open it from the bottom to top.
Next, loosen the right black portion (I believe that is the aircon remote sensor) towards the right.

Where the two screw caps were, slowly pull up the black tags, there are 3 of them they help to tighten/support the drainage tray.  Gently, lower the drainage tray towards the right.

Do take note, to wrap off the excess water from the drainage tray, to prevent them dripping to the floor or splash on your shirt when lowering them to the right.

On the Left side of the Air Conditioner unit, there are 3 screws to unscrew with.

After which, loosen the screw in the blower, there is a small opening in the right side of the blower to access the screw. Do not take out the screw, just loosen it will do.
Else you will have a hard time putting the screw back in. I figure this the hard way.

With the blower screw loosen, you can remove the blower part from the left, slowly pulling it out and downwards.

  • Now you have access to clean the inside of the air conditioner unit.
  • Use a water hose to splash the dirt off the blower.

You can then do the reverse steps to assemble back your air conditioner unit.

*Do take note when putting the blower part back, do NOT use force to push it all the way inside, do rotate it slowly & you will be able to slide it back in. (Else it will get stuck, & you will have difficulty getting it out.)

Leave a little space, else there will be noise from the blower motor when you turn on your aircon.

Tip: I use a 3M Filtrete Room Air Conditioner Filter on the green mesh filter
(i did not cover fully, leaving 2 finger spacing on both side of the filter to allow more airflow), this helps to trap more dust & also reduce the number of air-con cleaning.

That’s about it. Hope this is useful.

Have a great day.