Laser Printer Paper Feeding Quick Fix – Printer Paper Feed problems

Solved my Fuji Xerox DocumentPrint M255x printer paper pickup problem

Are you facing the issue as me, no matter what I tried?
Opening every part, taking out the toners and checking for paper stuck, the paper is unable to load into the printer.

I almost decided to purchase a brand new printer, as mine is almost 4 years. Probably out of warranty, though I can’t remember where is the warranty card.

For my case, I’m using a Fuji Xerox Document print M255z, but I realized that this simple fix helps to solve most of the other brands’ printers too.

You can follow as what the above Youtube Video does.
Or for me, it is quite straightforward.

Method 1 – Solve Paper Feed Issues

Take out the paper tray

  • I took out the paper tray (i did not have to remove the top tray with clear plastic sheet)
  • Using a wet tissue (baby wipe) as some suggested, cleaned the roller several times, and it’s back to normal.

How to clean the roller

  • Refer to video or place the baby wipe near the paper feed, allow the baby wipe to ‘feed’ into the roller.
  • Make sure you hold onto one end of it so that only part of the baby wipe is feed into the roller.
  • Pull the baby wipe out, there you have cleaned it once. Repeat for a few times. I did it 5 times.

That’s about it. Never thought that it will be so simple.

I hope you too, can fix it as simple as mine.


Method 2 – If Method 1 does not work

Sprayway Rubber Cleaner and Rejuvenator

Spray the above cleaner on a cloth or Baby wipe, wipe around the roller or if the roller is hidden.

Placed the cloth or baby wipe at the paper feed, allow it to feed into the paper feed but do hold onto a piece of it so that you can pull it out later.

After a few times, it should fix your paper feeding issue.