Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny, Park Sung-kwang & Lee So-lee’s Story

Park Sung-kwang 💕 Lee So-lee’s Story


Park Sung-kwang is a comedian, film director, business owner and rapper. Lee Sol-yi was a full time office worker at a pharmaceutical company. (now entrepreneur?)

Came across one of their episodes in YouTube, and curious about their story.


Ended up watched all their episodes, able to relate to her more as she was a full-time office worker, using Excel spreadsheet to plan & schedule their new house, discussion with him on finance budgeting. 

She’s brilliant, bright & cheerful. She have this positive vibe~

Reminder, that communication is important,
(Wife, daughter-in-law & employee) not easy to manage all these roles, can’t make things happen by trying hard alone.
Family to give strength after a hard day of work/study.
A couple is supposed to adjust to each other.
Pleasant surprise > prank (Could have easily gone south) 

Could not find any full clips elsewhere, so i decided to source online and edit them all together in one video.

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Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny 2020 – 2021.
(Episode 144 – 147, 151, 156, 158 – 159, 161 – 164, 167, 169 – 170, 177 – 178, 191, 196 & 198)

Trimmed using VidCutter software, merged and rendered with Shotcut.

Probably my last drama video compilation, Happy Marriage:  Time -> Family. 

Do give your great support in their future endeavors.


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