Improving Health Through Strength Training GZCLP Beginner Reference

Barbell Kettlebell Rings Dumbbell

Strength is a defining attribute of masculinity. It’s the literal power that has allowed generations of men to protect and provide for their families. It’s the force that built our skyscrapers, roads, and bridges. While our current environment doesn’t require us to be strong, developing our physical strength is still a worthwhile pursuit, for it … Keep reading

My Preferred Convoy S2+ Setup & Best Rechargeable Battery Charger with Analyzer – LiitoKala Lii-500

Colors S2+

Convoy is a small Chinese flashlight manufacturer, which produces a range of budget flashlights that are very popular with flashlight enthusiasts, in particular, the huge selling Convoy S2+. Why Convoy S2+? The flashlight falls into the category of everyday carry but has the ability to perform many other tasks. Its popularity is mainly due to … Keep reading

How to Repair a Mosquito Bat

mosquito bat

Repair a Mosquito Bat Honestly, nobody in the world likes mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are nasty bloodsuckers capable of bringing ruin to any outdoor event when they come around. They have been in existence for some time now and different ways of dealing with them have been invented.  These tiny vampires keep growing in population despite the … Keep reading

How to Clean a Mop

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning System

How to Clean Mops Mops can effectively tidy up your floor if they are properly cleaned whether wet or dry. In the event that a mop is not cleaned accordingly or neglected, then all you will be doing is spreading germs and dirt on your floor instead of cleaning it up. In order to keep … Keep reading



HOW TO CLEAN AN ELECTRIC BLANKET The electric blanket is one of the greatest inventions in modern days because, unlike the traditional woolen blanket, it is designed to be configurable to suit your personal requirements. They are suitable for all seasons providing sufficient heat in winter and being ideal in summer. However, it becomes a … Keep reading

Laser Printer Paper Feeding Quick Fix – Printer Paper Feed problems

Fuji Xerox DocumentPrint M255x Paper Feed Problem

Solved my Fuji Xerox DocumentPrint M255x printer paper pickup problem Are you facing the issue as me, no matter what I tried? Opening every part, taking out the toners and checking for paper stuck, the paper is unable to load into the printer. I almost decided to purchase a brand new printer, as mine is … Keep reading