Reasons to Buy GME – Buy and Hold Gamestop

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Banner source *This post is for my reference & assurance to buy and hold GME, and not as financial advice. Investing in GME Gamestop Value Buy DFV who is not a cat went all-in on Apr 16, 2021. Gamestop is basically debt-free.   Gamestop raised $550M+. $GME No debt, flush with cash, and a new … Keep reading

Shopify Puts Fair Value 350 to 400

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*Edited for my reference & assurance and not as financial advice. Last option contract. Will not touch options with a ten-foot pole. Position: Jan 15 2021 300 P (Cost: 10.20) CNN Fear & Greed Index Source: reddit Shopify 1Q Earnings Review Total revenue in the first quarter was $470mm, a 47% increase from the comparable … Keep reading