Best Cat Treats Ever – Why Do Cats Like Cat Treats

Why are cat treats or snacks necessary?

Cats love to eat cat snacks as they are a tasty get-away from their regular food.

Apart from fulfilling the cravings of your cat, they can also serve certain other purposes.

The cat snacks can be used as positive reinforcement while training your cat.

You can provide your cat with a tasty snack whenever it behaves properly and deprives it of the snack when it is being a “bad boy”.

If your cat has developed a habit of hiding, you can also lure it out of this habit by offering it a tasty snack.

The cat snacks are also quite helpful when your cat falls ill and you have to give them medications.

Giving medications to a cat is almost the same as giving medications to a baby.

So if you are having a hard time giving medications to your cat then just try using snacks as a disguise and you will be amazed at the results.

More important perhaps is how treats are fed. Cats are far less likely to become bored with dry food if that food is presented in interesting ways.

We don’t plonk treats in a bowl and walk away. We communicate with our cats when we give treats, each yummy morsel made more satisfying by a rewarding interaction.

So if you are searching for some of the tastiest cat snacks in the market.

Here are some we have selected for you:


1. Temptations Treats for Cats 30 Ounces

Temptation cat treats

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I have personally tried these Temptation cat treats and they are way much better than the other cat treats.

They are crunchy on the outside but smooth and creamy on the inside which makes them a perfect treat for your cat.


  • They come in chicken flavor which will make your cat fall in love with this treat
  • These treats are 100% safe and healthy for your cat as they contain balanced nutrients
  • The shape of these treats is quite attractive for your cats as they come in a pocket shape
  • These cat treats have been created with the idea of keeping your cat from gaining abnormal weight as each of these treats is less than two calories


  • These treats are highly addictive so once you start your cat on Temptations treats; it would be very difficult for you to move him back to his regular treat.


2. Purina Friskies Party Mix Adult Cat Treats – 20 oz. Canister

Purina Friskies cat treats

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If your cat loves the taste of shrimp, tuna and white fish then these Purina Friskies cat treats will prove to be a perfect treat for him.

Available with completely balanced nutrients, these cat treats have various benefits.


  • Available with the seafood flavor including shrimp, crab, and tuna
  • They also come with lesser calories due to which you won’t have to worry about your cat becoming obese
  • Helps to clean the teeth of your cat through their crunchiness


  • They are suitable only for the adult cats so if you also have kittens in your house then you have to spend some extra bucks and get separate ones for them
  • They don’t fulfill the need of meat for your cat



Feline Greenies Smartbites

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If you want to keep your keep on plant-based treats then these Feline Greenies Smartbites will prove to be perfect for him. Created from the pure plant extracts, these treats contain all the benefits of natural food items.


  • These treats contain pure fiber that keeps your cat’s digestive tract healthy
  • These treats also help in preventing the hairball formation in your cat’s body as they will strengthen the digestive tract of your cat
  • These treats also contain the flavor of tuna
  • The texture of these treats is quite crunchy and comes in different forms


  • Quite addictive for cats so if you start your cat on these treats then keep in mind that these treats might lure your cat away from his regular food.
  • Some of the cats have thrown up after consuming these treats so it’s best to consult your cat’s vet before getting these treats because there is a possibility that these treats might not be suitable for him.


4. Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Cat Food Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Cat Food Recipe

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If you are searching for the cat food that is not only free from fillers but also free from additives and preservatives then this PEAK cat food from Racheal Ray Nutrish will prove to be perfect for your cat.


  • It will keep your cat’s digestive system healthy as it is free from any sort of additives and preservatives
  • It will provide your cat with a balanced quantity of vitamins and minerals so you will feel a definite improvement in your cat’s health
  • It will help in satisfying your cat’s meat craving by providing him with 40% high-quality protein
  • No fillers have been included in this cat food so your cat will be safe from any type of cat food allergies or hairball formation


  • Your cat might not like it due to its unique flavor. It does contain chicken but it also contains protein in other forms too so the blend of different things might not attract your cat towards this dry food


5. Purina Whisker Lickin’s Crunchy & Yummy Tuna Flavor Cat Treats

Purina Whisker treats

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If your cat likes to eat crunchy treats then these Purina Whisker treats will make him fall in love with his snack time.

Available in tuna flavor, these treats are completely amazing and healthy for your cat.


  • These treats are quite crunchy so they will maintain the oral hygiene of your cat
  • Keeps your cat’s weight under control as these treats contain fewer calories
  • Although they are suitable only for adult cats, if you have kittens at your house then they would also love to eat them


  • These treats are quite addictive as your cat will wriggle into any nook or cranny in order to get to them


6. Pounce Moist Cat Treats

Pounce Moist Cat Treats TunaPounce Moist Cat Treats Seafood Medley

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If you are currently training your cat then keep in mind that you are definitely going to need the treats that are stronger enough to keep him motivated for the training.

Whether you are working on the behavioral aspects of your cat or providing him with potty training, a nice treat always works wonders.

These amazing treats by Pounce are going to make the entire training procedure easier not just for you but also for your cat.


  • These treats contain the elements and flavor of actual tuna and salmon so they are strong enough to tempt your cats at any time of day or night
  • Due to the abundance of protein, these treats will help in satisfying the meat cravings of your cat
  • These treats come in moist texture due to which they are perfect for your cat if he is suffering from certain dental issues
  • A true seafood treat for your cat


  • They are quite addictive so your cats might refuse to eat normal food once they start eating these treats


7. Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Vital Cat Treats

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Vital Cat TreatsNo artificial preservatives, fillers or synthetic

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If you cat is tired of eating regular treats like tuna or chicken treats then we would suggest you try these new Vital Essential Freeze-Dried treats that only contain the rabbit elements and are 100% healthy for your cat.


  • These treats are loaded with the necessary nutrients that will keep your cat healthy and active
  • They come in a resealable package due to which their freshness retains for longer durations
  • They are loaded with the protein from a single source due to which you won’t have to feel worried about your cat getting food allergies from the different type of ingredients included in a cat treat
  • It helps in strengthening the muscles of your cat by providing him with essential proteins
  • Due to the strong muscle-build, the chances of your cat getting an injury will decrease


  • Your cat might not like them if he prefers chicken or fish over rabbit meat


8. Purpose Chicken & Chicken Liver Freeze Dried Cat Treats 1.25 oz

Purpose Chicken & Chicken Liver Freeze Dried Cat Treats

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You must always keep in mind that cats are more tilted towards eating meat instead of vegetables or plant-based treats so if you are searching for purely meat-based treats then these cat treats from Purpose will be perfect for your cat.


  • These treats have specifically been created for cats as they contain only two ingredients i.e. liver of the chicken and chicken itself
  • They won’t cause any sort of food allergies to your cat as they are free from all sorts of fillers such as potato, wheat or soy
  • They are free from all sorts of preservatives or additives due to which they are healthier for your cat’s health in comparison to other cat treats


  • These treats might also cause high-level addiction to your cat. So if you are about to start your cat on these treats then keep in mind not to give him too much otherwise he won’t eat normal food


9. Purina Fancy Feast Cat Treats

Purina Fancy Feast Cat Treats

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Most of the parents are quite particular about the cat treats, that they give to their cats so if you are also quite selective about the cat treats. To provide them with the best then these Purina Fancy cat treats will be perfect for you.

These hand-picked cat treats are not only safe for your cats but they are also quite healthy due to the presence of only one ingredient and that is “Chicken”.

  • These cat treats are free from any sort of fillers or by-products. Remember at the start, we told you to look out for the presence of any sort of by-products in the cat treats because they could be harmful to your cat. These cat treats are healthy for your cat because they don’t contain any sort of by-products in them.
  • These cat treats are also perfect for your cat if he is suffering from dental issues because they are quite tender. They are lightly cooked due to which your cat won’t have to bear the crispiness that comes with completely cooked cat treats.
  • Due to their resealable pack, these cat treats stay fresh for a longer duration even after opening and re-opening them several times.
  • These treats are perfect for your cat if he loves to eat chicken or gets meat cravings at odd times.
  • The texture is perfect for your cat as they are not too soft or not too hard.


  • As these cat treats contain only chicken so your cat will be deprived of all the other essential nutrients
  • If your cat is a chicken lover then these cat treats might cause addiction in him. This is the reason you must only use these cat treats in moderate quantity


10. PureBites Salmon Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats

PureBites Salmon Freeze-Dried cat treats

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Some cats get great craving for salmon most of the time.

So if your cat is also getting these cravings then these PureBites Salmon Freeze-Dried cat treats will be a perfect craving-quencher for him.

  • These cat treats contain only a single ingredient due to which you won’t have to feel worried about your cat getting cat allergies or any other type of negative reaction from these cat treats
  • These cat treats are rich in proteins and other essential nutrients as they contain seafood
  • The salmon used in these cat treats is caught from the USA Pacific ocean due to which the manufacturers assure its high quality
  • Apart from the high level of proteins, these treats also include Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids.
  • These treats keep your cat’s weight under control as they will provide him with only three calories per treat. So if you are quite cautious about cat obesity then feel free because these treats will help your cat maintain a healthy weight
  • The texture of these treats is quite suitable for cats suffering from dental issues as these treats are not only soft but they are also moderately crispy


  • As these are dry cat treats so the constant use of them might make your cat dehydrated
  • They are quite tasty so if you don’t provide your cat with these treats in moderate amount, it will make him become addicted to these treats


The Best Cat Treats Ever

If you are a true cat lover then you will definitely know the pure joy of having a little ball of fluff pondering over here and there in your house in search of cat treats.

As soon as you get a cat, you have to become highly responsible and start thinking like a true parent.

Taking care of the proper hygiene of your cat, its food and its vaccination requires a lot of planning.

All things apart, food is the basic necessity for your cat, so if you are going to get some cat food then you need to make a careful selection.

Most of the people think that cats don’t need any proper food, they can eat anything out of garbage or trash which is an absolutely false notion.

The physiology of a cat is similar to a human being so it is clear that a cat also needs healthy food just like humans.


Necessary Cat Food Ingredients

While getting cat food for your little fluffy, there are certain things that you should keep in mind and the first of them is:

Does the food has the necessary ingredients for your cat?

You might be confused about what sort of ingredients might be necessary for your cat so we have discussed all the important ones in this part.

The first ever nutrient that you must look for in your cat’s food is called protein.

You might not get protein in cat snacks or dry cat food still. We can’t underestimate the importance of this nutrient for your cat and must try to provide the cat with this nutrient through some other protein sources such as chicken, salmon, and turkey.

The second most important ingredient that you must look for in your cat’s food is carbohydrate.

Carbohydrates are not considered to be an important ingredient for the cats as cats mostly thrive on meat and chicken.

If you are feeding grains to your cat then we would suggest you to stop as grains such as wheat or corn can cause food allergies in cats.

They just need certain types of carbohydrates in order to maintain balance with the dry food they consume.

The carbohydrates they require are commonly known as fillers. The healthiest type of carbohydrate sources for your cat would be sweet potatoes, carbohydrates, and potato starch.

Apart from proteins and carbohydrates, fats are also an important nutrient for your cats.

Your cat might not get this nutrient from snacks but they will be able to get it from different types of oils that are usually found in their premium food items.

You must also look for certain vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E that are added into the cat snacks.

Last but not least, your cat needs Taurine which is an amino acid that is basically found in the human body.

However, your cat needs this ingredient in its diet so it could lead a healthy life. The deficiency of Taurine can cause heart issues and retinal issues in the cat.

So if you are searching for the perfect and healthiest cat snacks then do check for Taurine in them because they can’t be healthy without this nutrient.

Apart from Taurine, protein, fats, certain carbohydrates, and vitamins, you must also look for fatty acids and enzymes in your cat’s food.

You must also keep in mind to keep your cat properly hydrated and this is only possible if you provide it with a sufficient amount of drinking water.


Other Things to Keep in Mind

Nutrients are not the only thing that you need to keep in mind while getting cat food.

There are certain other things that you need to check, for instance, you must not go for cheaper cat food in the market. Getting the cheapest cat food might sound convenient to you but it is not good for your cat’s health.

Always keep in mind that when the price of anything is compromised then its quality will also be compromised. Cats need some essential nutrients that are not available in balanced form when they get to feed on cheap, low-quality foods.

The lack of proper nutrients will prove dangerous for your cat in the long-term when it might experience some serious medical issues.

You also need to check the label of the cat food packaging in order to determine whether it is prepared in compliance with AAFCO’s requirements or not.

This is very important whether you are getting cat snacks or canned food because AAFCO has laid some important requirements that are necessary for your cat’s health.

You must also check for the expiration date of the cat food that you are getting for your cat.

There are also certain things that you need to avoid while purchasing cat food.

For instance, if you find words like “animal digest” or “by-products” written on the pack of any cat food then you must not go for such food items. Also, avoid going for certain chemical preservatives such as BHA or BHT.



We selected all the cat treats that are most trending in the market right now so if you are having a hard time selecting the perfect cat treat for your cat then these cat treat reviews might help you a lot.

However, we would like to provide you with some honest suggestions regarding the selection of cat treats.

While selecting a cat treat you must keep in mind that every cat is different and possesses different requirements when it comes to food.

Even though all of the cats are carnivores but they tend to show attraction towards different forms of meat.

So when you are selecting the cat treats, select the ones that actually tempt your cat.

Getting rabbit-made cat treats when your cat actually loves chicken-made cat treats won’t help him much so go for the flavor that your cat likes.

Apart from going for the perfect flavor, select the cat treats that possess natural ingredients and all the essential nutrients in a balanced form.

Last but not least, you must try to avoid the cat treats that contain additives or preservatives because your cat’s life is too precious for you.